Which Should You Choose – Freestanding Bath Or a Back To Wall Tub?


Confusion… Confusion. As if you didn’t have enough decisions to make for your bathroom renovation, the dilemma of picking bath designs is mind-numbing.

Over the decade, bathroom fixtures have come a long way; and none have more than bathtubs. What served the purpose of a purely functional fixture, now have the ability to become the focal point of your bathroom.

From stylish, contemporary and classic bath designs; you have no shortage of models. And that makes it harder to decide which one bath is suitable for your purpose.

Whether you wish for those lovely exposed curves of a freestanding tub or the space saving design of a back to wall bath- it all boils down to your preference. Here’s a post which could help you choose. 


The Clash- Freestanding vs Back To Wall Tub!

Before differentiating between these two models; you should know that each of them has their own advantages.

  • Both of them come with marvellous designs.
  • When installed they both can transform the room’s aesthetics.
  • And, they both allow you to have your personal spa and indulge.


The Comparison:


  • Cost:

The cost of both these bathtubs depends highly on their design along with the tub and faucet materials. In the past, freestanding baths have been known to be high-ticket items than back to wall tubs.

However, with the emergence of so many quality suppliers, the cost of freestanding tubs have diminished and become more reasonable.

The surrounding area of a built-in tub does prove expensive and add to the whole cost of fixture. However, a freestanding tub needs no necessary surrounds.

Contrarily, plumbing expenses for a freestanding tub could be high mainly because the plumbing could move and it will be harder to conceal.


  • Space Efficiency:

 If you take into this aspect (as most homeowners do), the better choice would be a back to wall tub. Freestanding tubs tend to take up a lot of space. They need space around the tub along and its faucet constraints.

Floor mounted faucets take more space than those mounted on the walls. So keep this in mind when picking your options.


  • Scope For Tub With Shower:

 In general, a back to wall bathtub could be a good option, but some freestanding bath models for sale in Perth are also known to pull off this tub with shower combination.

Back to wall baths, nevertheless often come combined with a wall mounting shower. And the fact that they use less space makes them your model.


  • Flexibility In Installation:

 If you have a spacious house, then your tailored option should be a freestanding one. They offer you the flexibility of being installed anywhere you wish- even in the dead centre of your bathroom.

Back to wall tubs, as the name suggests are constrained to alcoves and corners.


Capping Off:

Appearance matters when renovating your bathroom. But while you maintain the aesthetics; you need to merge it with practicality and functionality.

Be it cheap freestanding or back to wall tubs in Perth; you will have to decide depending on your requirement, space and decoration.

So, before picking a design, make sure to research properly on both these tubs. Also ensure that the supplier is reputed, enjoys a good customer base and charges honestly. This will allow you to get full value from your investment.


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