Why Are Flavoured & Bleached Rolling Papers Harmful?


Every rolling paper is different from the other. And their difference depends on what additional ingredients are employed in its making. That explains the reason why some papers are vastly superior to the others- be it in their burn rate, their use and the smoking experience it offers.

Another important aspect which warrants discussion is some rolling papers come with toxic chemicals which make it harmful to use. In this post; you will learn about those rolling papers which not safe to use- be it with tobacco or with cannabis.

Digging Deep into ‘BLEACHED’ Rolling Papers:

Generally speaking, bleached tobacco rolling papers are not the safest papers to roll your custom ciggy or joint. And the reason being, the majority of the bleached rolling papers are treated properly using ‘Chlorine’ or ‘Calcium Carbonate’ bleach to bring out a white colour which helps slow down the burn rate.

But the substance is very toxic when they are smoked and can lead to severe respiratory disorders in the long-run. So, when you purchase a rolling paper and come across a white colour on it, there is a good chance that they have been treated with bleach.

As For ‘FLAVOURED’ Rolling Papers:

So now that it’s established that you should avoid using bleached rolling papers; another category which you should strictly avoid using are flavoured rolling papers.

They are equally harmful as bleached papers and contain a notorious chemical called Potassium Nitrate. It is also known to cause respiratory disorders after long-term use.

Which Ones Are Good To Use?

The market is littered with a vast number of cigarette rolling paper options. However, the ones which you should target are the ones made of:-

  • Hemp:

This is one of the most popular options in the market among regular smokers. They consist of dried pulp made by mashing the Sativa leaves. They are organic and all-natural and are also very easy to roll with.

  • Rice: –

Also, an organic and natural rolling paper to use, rice papers come with a distinctive taste which helps enhance the smoking experience.

  • Wood Pulp: –

The only thumb down of this unbleached rolling paper is its harsh taste. They have an impressive burn rate and despite the aforementioned options; still enjoys a fair amount of popularity among its regular users.

  • Flax: –

Though they are not used as much as before, mainly due to the overwhelming popularity of flax rolling papers, they still are among the safest natural rolling papers in the market.

Hopefully, this user guide will help you find the right rolling paper for your favourite pass-time. Refer to them and improve your smoking experience even more.



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