Why Buy A Used Vacuum Truck For Your Excavation Project?



Being in the construction industry; you should always look to enhance work productivity to ensure the workplace is safe. But because of an increased cost of labour and use of traditional evacuation getting costly the day; you need to implement new and more effective modes to reduce work stress. Depending on your construction location and needs at times, traditional forms of excavation might not be a convenient option for your work. 

However, since the introduction of vacuum trucks, evacuation assignments have seen a remarkable increase in efficiency and safety. And truth be told, buying a used vacuum truck up for sale in NSW is one option you should look to include immediately.  

This post discusses all this in details. Read below!

Firstly- Why Think Of Vacuum Trucks For Your Next Excavation?

Also known as vacuum tankers, they are mostly used in handling large-scale liquids and sludge clean-ups, particularly for sewer or septic tank upkeep. They also find ample usage in drilling and hydro-vacuum excavation operations both for industrial and municipal sectors.

Speaking of its utility in the excavation sector, these vacuum trucks are used for:-

  • Cleaning muds and dirt from utility lines to avert sewer system overloads.
  • For proper waste management.
  • Catching basin and cleaning excavation land to make the soil loose and easy to remove. And then done, the soil can be easily lifted and moved to a new location.
  • For a thorough removal of dust, debris and filthy liquid- example- (abattoir cleaning).

How A Vacuum Tank Functions?

A vacuum tank consists of a powerful pump that removes the air from the holding tank, thus creating a vacuum inside. By opening the primary and secondary shutoff valves on the suction hoses, tank equalises the pressure inside by sucking up all the sludges and liquids. 

The functioning of these trucks is pretty much similar to a home vacuum cleaner- except with a more powerful vacuum to handle more difficult tasks.

Their Perks During An Excavation Project:-

Having a vacuum truck for your excavation project brings rise to lots of difficulties. 

Here’s a look at a few of them.

It means less “Manual Labour”:-

If you have a large-scale excavation work, then managing it would require large manual labour. Be it using drills, shovels or other excavating equipment; the whole task would be strenuous to bear even for the fittest of workers.

So, rather than putting them through such intensive physical strain, using vacuum trucks seems a more rational option. These machines will perform the whole task to ensure no worker goes through such intense work or gets injured in the process.

It means less “Noise Pollution”:-

Noise problem is another common issue with excavation projects. And if you do it around properties and constructions, it can create quite the chaos. But vacuum trucks work a lot quieter than any standard excavation machine- even if the area is surrounded by people. 

One way to avoid the noise drama is to work during night time is to buy a vacuum truck in NSW and do the work properly without impacting those sleeping in the neighbourhood. These machines operate quietly throughout the excavation process and ensure no noise issues come about.

It means “Quick Project Completion”:-

Using hydro-vacuuming trucks help reduce potential injuries and damages to the present worksite. Plus, it means that you can complete the task quicker, thus saving costs on the employee’s salary and also improve your project completion timeframe.

Lastly, it means “Minimum Damage.”

If you need to excavate around a particular infrastructure or say an underground utility, then using vacuum trucks to remove soil and debris from the site is one reliable way to minimise damage. The water is enough to bring enough dirt and soil without damaging any of the underground supplies or encircling buildings.

SO, now you understand why to invest in such vacuuming trucks for your future excavation projects. If you wish to buy a vacuum truck with unmatched quality and quality engineering, find a reliable and respected supplier in your region.

Can’t say that you’ll have an issue with that as there are so many serving the NSW region.



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