Why Does Your Carpet Need a Deep Cleaning When There is a Vacuum Cleaner?


A warm and cozy living room or a bedroom with carpets to add to the warmth gives a feeling that is incomparable. The moment you start feeling that tickle in your nose or probably start sneezing every time you spend at least five minutes in the room, you should know that there is something wrong with the carpets.

While carpets are prone to getting dirty soon, especially when it attracts dust, dirt, grime, dead skin, pet hair, dust mites and what not. All of these can trigger issues like that of sneezing, hay fever, allergies, reddening of eyes, etc.  While some say that vacuuming can help in getting rid of it all, but little do they know that carpets are not satisfied with simply vacuuming?

There is an emphasis laid on hiring the experts for domestic cleaning in Morningside who help with carpets because they own high powered vacuuming equipment that cleans carpets perfectly. Here are the reasons why just vacuuming doesn’t help.

Tiny Bugs

Carpets are known to be home to multiple little bugs as that of flea, dust mites, bed bugs, ticks, etc. and they tend to feed off dead skin shed wither by us or by the pets. While this something that they receive daily, things get better for them. With vacuuming these bugs cannot be removed completely as the little ones tend to hide deep down and the vacuum cleaner cannot reach them. These bugs are extremely small and aren’t something that you will want as a part of your family with problems as of skin rashes, itchy skin, nose irritations, etc.

Mildew, Fungi, and Mould

When it comes to organisms smaller than bugs, these are the ones that affect indoor air quality and create health problems. Food spills that haven’t been cleaned well stay back and give birth to their growth. When unattended, they grow and spread across the carpet, and when it comes to the surface, you will witness black staining. Also, when you enter the room, you will get this distinct pungent odour that indicates that they have an extensive presence. It is only the professionals for carpet cleaning in Newmarket who can conduct deep cleaning and remove them. Using the domestic vacuum cleaner would do no good.

With this, it concludes that while vacuum cleaning may help out with the removal of dust and dirt from the surface of the carpet, the layers below it doesn’t receive the right attention. It is only with the help of deep cleaning that can one achieve it.



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