Why Everyone’s Going GAGA Over The NEW Moose Kicking Tee?


For all Australian football, the opening kick-off of the game is very exhilarating. They watch and cheer the two-sided thrill of everyone trying to block their opponent, and helping their returner run through- (even over) the past -charging players. The kick usually begins around the 50-yard line. And the opposing team tries to tackle the returner within his 20-yard line.

This is how the game goes on every level- be it from peewee to college to even AFL.

As you’ve learned that the game begins with the perfect kick-off- which in a way can lead to a straight-up touch-down or goal. So, any number of young players aspiring to become professional players in the long-run, mastering the art of the perfect kick-off, is vital!

Fortunately, there are quality AFL football training tee suppliers in Australia; who provide these kids with equipment to achieve an impressive kick-off.

One such football tee that has gotten so many young players (and even professionals) going ga-ga is the “Moose Rugby Kicking Tee.” 

A Gaze At Its Stellar Points:- 

For a young kid, wanting to perfect her/his skills, the Moose Rugby Kicking tee assists these players to feel how to connect the ball properly, and achieve the beautiful sound when hitting the ball in its sweet spot. This tee is specifically designed to provide precision of backwards, spinning and end-over-end shots.

Depending on the drop punt, predominantly in AFL, the Moose tee allows perfect connection between the player’s boot and the appropriate contact point of the ball. The more they practice with it, the more accurate will they get in pulling off longer projection of the ball from a stationary spot.

Furthermore, the Moose kicking tee comes with a revolutionary shape in likeness to antlers that keep the ball a tad elevated from the surface. And although, traditional tees ensure an angled kick from the side of the player’s boot, this new-Moose tee requires players to kick it dead straight.

Timmy Watson – a recent customer who purchases this all-new Moose football kicking tee, says clearly:-

“Moose is the very first of its kind, and it allows players to refine and develop movement patterns needed to accomplish an excellent drop punt.”

He further reiterates:-

  The Moose kicking tee adheres an Australian design and is suitable for all existing football codes. It is why you will find so many junior and senior-level clubs using it during training sessions.

I used it as my training aid as well as for on-field goal practice as it meets all footy levels. By planting one foot to the ground firmly, the kicking foot generates power straight via the middle of the ball and towards the target. The Moose tee also isolates the kicking action and ball connection in the way where the boot meets the ball with maximum impact.  

Hence I get accurate shots with ample power every time. How super cool is that…?”

The Verdict:-

These reasons make it pretty clear, why so many are buying this for perfecting their game skills. If you are impressed with the aforementioned information, then you can visit a reliable supplier of kids football training equipment in Australia and order one for yourself.

They are reasonably priced and will prove as a good buy for your skill enhancement.



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