Why Hiring Our Taxi Service is Better for You Than Booking an Uber


Booking an Uber is the first thing that comes to mind when you are travelling abroad, but you may hold your horses because while Uber doesn’t fail to provide you with the service you need, it fails to ensure security and optimum comfort. Booking a local taxi service in Keysborough is still a better option due to the manifold benefits they provide you. They will take care of your transportation smoothly and efficiently, and you won’t have to worry further. If you are not experienced in local cab services, it’s time for you to know why they are a better option than uber.

Reason #1: We go anywhere

You name the place; we will take you there. We are equipped with modern GPS devices in order to cut through the traffic and navigate the road seamlessly. Uber’s policy prevents it from taking you to some places where the service isn’t available yet. Hiring a local taxi service will take you even in the areas that are restricted by the uber mechanism. Moreover, uber works only in specific locations and may not work in your preferred destination, while on the other hand, a local cab service will take you anywhere you need to go.

Reason#2: We ensure the safety of our customers

Over the last few years, uber has attracted negative reviews due to criminal and unsafe activities pursued by its drivers. On the other hand, safety is the topmost priority on our policy listings. Local taxi services in Keysborough make sure that your and your family’s safety and security is maintained. Our professional drivers will make sure that your experience throughout transportation remains swift and pleasant.

Reason #3: Our service rate is fixed

In the case of giant transportation corporations like Uber, the algorithm works in a way that the service rate from location A to location B fluctuates according to the demand and the traffic on the road. However, if you pre-book one of our corporate cab services, you will not have to worry about the pricing, which will be clearly stated in the package. This will save you from spending a ton of money due to increased traffic on the road. We shall take care of the traffic at the same cost, and you will not have to worry about any hidden charges.

If you have pressed ‘book’ on Uber and yet having trouble finding a taxi near Keysborough at midnight, you would know that booking a local taxi would indeed be a better option. In order to save you from these real-life situations, we would recommend you to avail the very best of the local cab service even before you plan your journey. And lastly, we wish you a happy and safe journey to your destination.



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