Why Inexperienced Exterior Painters Are Held Accountable When Paints Fade Away Too Early?


Exterior paints are supposed to take on the elements with a lot of vigour! That’s what they are meant for. This surely takes a toll on the paint, but with time, and they fade out. Well, that’s quite natural. Nevertheless, there are instances, when these external paints fade out a bit too early for hardly any apparent reason.

When that happens, people tend to hold the external house painters responsible, and why not?? It is, after all, the acumen and expertise of these professional house painters that determine the quality of the painting job and the longevity of the paint. Naturally, when the paints fail to last long or deteriorate too early, the ability and the competence of the painters are put under the microscope.

Let us see how incompetence of the painters leads to the deterioration of the external paint. It will also make it clear why you need to put your money on a company that houses the best and the most experienced house painters in Brisbane like in any other part of the world.

 When an improper variety of paint is selected

One of the principal reasons why the external paint starts fading too early is using the wrong paint is used for the exterior walls. In many cases, the not-too-experienced painters would use interior paints to cover the exterior walls. This is wrong. Remember, there are specific separate paints for exterior and interior walls.

Not taking the climate into account

Alternatively, at times, the paints that are used for the walls are not appropriate for the climatic condition of Brisbane and the adjoining areas.

Remember, one has to take into consideration points like humidity, the amount of sunlight available throughout the day, the temperature and the fluctuations thereof, the speed of the wind and the likes while selecting the external paints. When such steps are not taken that leads to the early death of the paint. Now for this, the painters should be held accountable.

 When the surface is not prepared properly

Again, it’s a painters job, to say the least. Failing to plan the project properly is the mother of all mistakes when it comes to painting. And this starts from improperly preparing the wall, and failing to clean it off with the proper use of sandpapers, brush, watering, and sealing of the cracks and crevices that get exposed after sanding and watering.

When the walls are not sanded properly, washed and cleaned of the loose dust and debris, the remnants of previous paints are not cleaned off, the undulations are not seen off, the paint, no matter how high quality it might be, will fail to adhere to the wall for long. Surely, this is an error that only a painter can end up with. The use of improper sandpaper to clean walls, inappropriate roller while painting, will also lead to the short life of the paint.

Thus, it is quite evident from the above, how wrong a step it will be to put your stakes on a company that is not that experienced in exterior wall painting. That is why you MUST ALWAYS put your stakes on a company that is home to the best and the most experienced exterior painters in Brisbane. It will lend extra life to your external paint.



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