Why is Hiring professionals a MUST for Asbestos Removal?


When it comes to removing asbestos, it has to be done by professionals…at any cost. The reason is pretty simple. Why trying DIY you might commit some mistakes that might put you in all kinds of legal trouble, and more importantly, into some serious health hazards.

Here we discuss some mistakes that you might inadvertently commit while carrying out the removal of asbestos.

Mistake#1: Failing to identify or misidentifying materials containing asbestos

While asbestos is common in the tiles used in floor, ceiling, popcorn ceiling, sidings there are no hard and fast rules that they will always be present. Unless and until you have a sound notion of the brand name of every material that is used in the home, you will not be able to understand, whether a particular material used in the construction of your home contains asbestos or not. Thus, while removing them, you might end up committing some inadvertent mistakes. Thus, when you hire a professional you can be dead sure, the pro will be able to identify the asbestos and take adequate measures.

Mistake#2: Spreading contamination

The danger-in-chief when it comes to asbestos removal is the spread of contamination. If you are not that familiar with the ways of removal of asbestos, you might end up spreading contamination, by failing to stick to the proper methods. For instance, you might start working without sealing off the area, or by following improper ways of removal. As a result of this, the asbestos fibres get easily carried away by air all over your home and beyond, causing a considerable amount of air contamination of the entire area.

You can also spread contamination by working with conventional clothes and then carrying them all over your home as you continue to move all around, wearing them. Again, if you do not use the HEPA filtration when cleaning the area following the removal the vacuum you use will actually spew the contaminants along with the dust all over. A professional who is into asbestos removal near Manly will never do it!

Mistake#3: Causing Health Hazards

Last but not the least, by conducting asbestos removal on your own, you might end up posing a lot of health hazards for yourself. When you perform DIY for asbestos removal, you might not have access to the right kind of high-quality safety and security gear that the professionals use when they remove asbestos. Thus, you get exposed to asbestos contamination that may cause irreparable damage to your respiratory system.

Taking into account all these, it is best to put your money on a professional company that is into asbestos removal in and around Manly or in any other place, depending upon your place of residence.



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