Why Isn’t The ‘Freezer’ Working Properly? Reasons Explained!


Every electronic unit is bound to break down at some point. And not that any given time is appropriate for such inconveniences- much less a freezer- some unit break-downs hampers you more than others.

When the freezer is full of meat and other items that you intend to use on any meaningful event, and suddenly you notice it’s not working, it can cause a lot of inconveniences.

And though there are lots of reasons why of a faulty freezer, here’s mentioning a few of them.

The Freezer Makes a Strange Clicking Sound:-

When the freezer starts making strange ‘clicking’ sounds, then it means that the evaporator fan motor needs immediate repairing.  And though not every unit will make the same sound, if yours’ does make a clicking noise, then hire refrigerator repair technicians near me’ to handle it.

There’s A Frost Build-Up In The Freezer:-

Though when a frost buildup takes place in the freezer, the issue could be due to a damaged defrost heater. However, it could also happen due to other reasons too.

  • The freezer is set at a low/inappropriate temperature. The general rule is to ensure that the freezer should be set somewhere between 0 degrees F (-18degrees C) and 37 degrees F (3 degrees C).
  • Another possible reason could be the gaskets or door not closing properly. Some packaging item might be sticking out too far and preventing the door to close. The ice container not locking down or the drawer not completely sealing.

However, if the issue is mechanical or due to internal part damage, then do speak to a trained refrigerator technician to take a look and possibly repair it right.

The Freezer Doesn’t Run As Well As It Should:-

This can happen due to several reasons. It could be due to the condenser coils being dirty. If so, then the freezer cooling capacity reduces.

If the start relay that provides power to the condenser is not able to do so, then it can hamper the freezer’s performance.

Another cause could be due to the evaporator motor malfunctioning. And as the purpose of the fan is to circulate air throughout the freezer unit; you will have to repair it with the help of a qualified and experienced fridge repair expert serving in and around Prestons.

There’s A Small Amount Of Water Leaking On The Floor Right Next To The Freezer:-

The issue could be due to the defrost drain getting frozen and needing to be defrosted and cleaned properly.

Another possible reason could be that excessive frost has accumulated on the evaporative coils. The freezer goes into the defrost cycle and produced more water than its drain pan can withhold. This leads to a small leak.

One way to prevent this is to restrict the number of times you open the freezer door along with the length of time you leave it open.

However, if the root of the issue lies elsewhere like the condensation pan cracking or leaking. Or the back mechanical room cover damaged or missing; then it is best to contact fridge repair experts in West Hoxton to sort it out properly.

So, if any of these issues sound familiar, don’t hesitate in hiring professional fridge repairers. They are your best chance to restore its optimal efficiency.



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