Why it is Better to Book from a Cab Agency than Taking a Rideshare


Rideshare apps are the new craze in the transport market, and for a few good reasons. They take less price, are multinational organizations and exhibit superior reliability. But as appearances may often deceive you, you should know that beyond the layer of superiority and reliability lies lurking danger. They have many a problem and to name one, they don’t go through elaborate inspections and background checks before employing drivers. They are not always available and may posit uncertainty if you have an essential conference to attend and you want to be punctual. Let us now discuss why you find it safer and more reliable to book a taxi instead. There are two main factors of consideration. These are safety and pricing.


Rideshare apps like Uber don’t pay enough attention to passenger safety, and that is a truism. There are numerous cases when an Uber driver allegedly behaved wrongly with a woman, and there are far more where the driver was said to be drunk driving. These are serious offences as well as outrageous violations of road safety, and you may want to ensure your family’s safety by booking a Maxi Cab from Melbourne instead. Maxi taxis have all the necessary equipment from the first aid box to GPS enabled tracking system that makes them all the more desirable. These companies are committed to safety with their battalion of professional drivers and thoroughly inspected vehicles.


One of the most prominent components that allure the customers towards rideshare services is their pricing. Sure, they offer the customers a cheaper fare, or at least projects so. Still, these prices may vary continuously and along a broad spectrum depending on several factors, like the weather condition or the availability of drivers on the road. One of the major complaints of customers against such services is their unpredictability. While sometimes they show cheap rates, sometimes their algorithm generates outrageous pricing, which puts customers off. With a maxi cab, on the other hand, you will never have to worry about surge pricing because you will know the fixed price for a given route from their website way before you take the service. You can pay ahead for it by card or cash or e-wallet options. You can also opt for the loyalty packages which will give you extra corporate discounts.

Now you know how booking a car with a private chauffeur in Melbourne before you commence the journey is a far better option than waiting and getting cancelled by Uber. These chauffeurs are well trained, and they maintain proper etiquette for not only corporate but all customers. They are also a far more convenient option will save you from worrying about transport in the very last moment. Have a safe journey.



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