Why Learning To Take U-turns in Reputed Driving Schools Is So Important?


When it comes to taking U-turns and Hook turns, you need to be cautious in Victoria, like in any other state of Australia. That is the reason when you take driving lessons in a driving school from your mentor you need to be extremely cautious and attentive, so much so that you do not mess it up during their final test.

Remember, a number of trainees falter on this front and fail to clear the test at one go.

The Rules

Use of Indicator 

This is a mandatory step to take before you even think of taking a U-turn. You MUST at any cost, use your indicators for a prolonged period, which is long enough to warn others about your intention to making the turn while changing lanes or direction.


When it comes to taking U-turns, a driver is not allowed to do so, if and when there is

  • A single, continuous line along the centre of the road
  • Double continuous lines along the centre of the road
  • If there is a ‘No U-turn’ Signage put up.

Thus, when you take training in a driving school in Cranbourne, your trainer will particularly make you aware of all these restrictions. In fact, that is the reason you need to put your stakes on quality schools that are home to competent and seasoned mentors.

Again, when it comes to taking a U-turn, you MUST consider giving way to other vehicles as well as the pedestrians.

Hook Turns

You are supposed to take a hook turn only and only at the intersections, which have signage, allowing a hook turn to the right from the left only.

For carrying out the hook turn, you must:

  • Approach and then enter the intersection from the far left lane and keep the right indicator blinking
  • Next, you need to move forward to the other side of the intersection, being as close as possible to the left of that intersection that you are going to use and clear the pedestrian crossing (if any).
  • Do not move till the traffic lights on the road where you are turning to turn green.
  • Now finally turn right to the road

So, you see the taking U-turns, and Hook turn is an intricate affair. That is the reason you need to turn to the best driving school in Berwick that will come up with the best lessons. This will ensure that you do not falter on the day of the test.



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