Why Should You Stay Away From Bleached Rolling Papers?


For every avid smoker, rolling papers are always important. In fact, some even say that it is as important as the quality of tobacco or weed you smoke.”

A good quality rolling paper can improve the smoking experience and make your favourite pass-time more worth it. Even in case of consuming weed, most cannabis consumers prefer keeping it old-school- which is rolling their joints- the old fashioned way!

So, it would be ill-advised to make the wrong selection of rolling paper for your favourite pass-time. Stating the obvious, not all rolling papers are created alike. There are some which can prove to be harmful-especially if you keep using it for a long period.

One such example is bleached rolling papers which many believe to be harmful for use. The post throws more light on this aspect, so continue reading!

Why Bleached Rolling Papers Are A No-No For Avid Consumers:-

There are some rolling papers which release toxins like bleach and harmful chemicals such as carcinogens when burned and inhaled. Most rolling papers are made using hemp, flax, wood pulp and even rice straw. But the issue lies in the chemical added to it that makes it so dangerous.

So, the smart choice would be to opt for rolling papers which are bleached as they contain toxic substances such as ‘Chlorine, Calcium Carbonate, Potassium Nitrate.’ And each of them is known to cause respiratory issues in the long-run.

In addition to that; you should also look to avoid blunt wraps and coloured rolling papers as they too come with numerous harmful chemicals.

What Rolling Papers Should You Go For?

Your aim should always be to opt for quality rolling papers which are less harmful to your health. And, so it’s best to go for unbleached ones made with 100% natural hemp. These papers are easy to roll, offer impressive burns and smoke without any lingering pesticides or additives.

Furthermore, they also come with certified organic gum which offers a smooth after taste and delightful smoking experience.

The Final Say:

Natural rolling papers are always the best constitute to bleached or coloured papers. So, whenever you buy quality rolling papers, be sure to check them properly before buying them.

Also, look to go for quality unbleached rolling papers from notable suppliers in Indonesia as they are less contagious to your health.

So, what are you waiting for? Find your reputed supplier in the region and buy best-in-quality rolling papers in Indonesia without compromising your health and smoking experience.



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