Why Should You Consider Reupholstery Instead Of Buying New Furniture


Whether to invest in a new set of chairs or revamp, the old one is a question that many of us face at least once in our lifetime. You love to curl up in your favourite chair, but it has seen better years. Now, after prolonged years of usage, it has lost its lustre. The fabric is torn, the chair is dirty with rust, and it doesn’t give you the same comfort as it did in its heydays. But you have an emotional value related to the chair that prevents you from getting rid of it. So, is there anything that you can do to save it from a (un)timely death? 

According to furniture repair giants in the market, whether one should spend in repair or invest in a new chair depends on two major factors: the intrinsic quality of the furniture, and the sentimental value attached to it. A new piece of furniture may provide your room with an excellent look for now, but it may not be as sturdy and comfortable as the older, quality furniture. 

Customers should consider re-upholstery before they discard the old piece of furniture because there are restoration services that can transform the dull-looking old furniture into a brand-new state-of-the-art piece of history. Some factors are to be considered prior to the decision whether to repair or replace the ripped and beat furniture, which are: 

  • You should review the cost of upholstery. Reupholstery can cost as much as a new piece of furniture, depending on the fabric and the scale of work required. 
  • The amount of material needed can exponentially increase labour costs. More structure is equal to more work and more expense. 
  • Special re-upholstery work like attaching, fixing or replacing welt chords or fabric cords result in a price hike. Sometimes, the labourer has to make sure that the patterns and shapes align with the rest of the structure, and that needs more detailed work. Finishing touches like tying the ends with knots or buttons and engraving patterns on the fabric with the help of threading require more detailed work and cost more money. 

You take care of your laundry every day, but keep neglecting your furniture. When you see signs of wear and tear in your furniture fabric, you should consult companies that provide re-upholstery in BrisbaneMany restoration geniuses provide re-upholstery in Gold Coast as well, and you are at this moment advised getting your quote today by contacting them. 

Are you afraid of changes? Reupholstery is one of the many options of how you can contribute to the well being of your ancestral home. While old and traditional is always revered, there is nothing more precious than old wine in a new bottle. Happy repair! 



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