Why Skill Select is Important in Australian Skilled Migration Visa?


Maybe you are close to obtaining Australian skilled migration visa. You may see a bright future for yourself and your career in the Aussie land, but there is one criterion that you have to meet, which is skill assessment. Without the assessment of relevant skills, it will be hard for you to get on board. Every country has an assessing body to assess the ability set declared by the foreign national. It checks if your skill claims meet the standards required in your occupation in the country in question. The assessing body checks everything from your educational qualification, work experience and other background details to make sure that the data provided by you are accurate and relevant.

After the assessment is done, you can lodge you EOI (Expression of interest) as per subclass 190, 189 and 491 visa. Ensure that the details provided by you are complete. When filling out forms, you must cross-check your details more than once. The skill select has to be part of the comprehensive EOI provided by you. As the responsibility lies with governing and managing bodies such as TRA, EA, VETASSESS, CPA and ACS, they will assess as well as decide the profile details of the foreign applicant.

For the visa application to be granted, you have to make sure that your profile makes a statement. Besides meeting visa criteria, a commendable profile will always stand out. Under the current scenario, migration is facing a sharp decline as getting a visa has become highly competitive. With DHA reducing the intake of foreign nationals in the year 2019, it is becoming more and more challenging to get a work visa for Sydney.

To obtain a skilled migrant visa, you need to submit your EOI via the SkillSelect platform. You can only document your Expression of Interest if the relevant body gives you a thumb up. An EOI is not the visa application itself but an addendum that you need to show to get a skilled migration visa for Australia. However, you need to check with your migration agent in Sydney before writing your EOI because it should still include several relevant information such as:

  • Personal details
  • Nominated or desired profession
  • Educational qualification
  • Experience in the related field of work
  • Proficiency in the domain of English language
  • Assessment of skills pertinent to the nominated occupation
  • The skill and English fluency of your partner

According to your preferences, your profession has to be either part of STSOL (short term skilled occupation list) or MLTSSL (medium long term skilled shortage list). Depending on your choice of occupation you will either be granted a subclass 189, 190 or 491 visas. There are specific advantages of these subclasses, and you should consult your migration agent before applying. We wish you all the best!



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