Why Taking Help of a Cement Rendering Company Is a Must?


Hey mate, are you toying with the idea of rendering the external walls of your home? That is not, after all, a very impolitic idea and you can surely go for it. However, if the experts’ views are to be taken into account, this a dangerous avenue that may leave you with a red face.

Hence, it is better to leave it for the professionals. This will help you stack some zeds even when those blokes sweat it out, providing the rendering service. And who can ignore the quality of work that these companies come up with?

What difference these companies really make? Well, a look at the mistakes that non-professionals generally commit will itself make the point clear.

Rendering service

Mix Ratio:

This is the first hurdle that blokes falter at. There has to be a perfect ratio that needs to be followed while mixing sand with cement. In fact, this is the rudimentary aspect of perfect rendering work. This is where the intervention of professionals who offer cement rendering in the Gold Coast region makes the difference.

Well, there are certain ready-made mix options available, but again, professionals will naturally be in a better position to gauge the right choice for the right type of wall. They use different strengths of mixes, which is commonly termed as the scratch coat.

The ratio, the thickness of the layer, and the amount of water used in the mix collectively work upon the rendering, thereby providing it with the desired strength and durability.

Adding the right mix:

When it comes to adding the scratch coat, the right proportion of water is the key. The process also involves adding waterproofing agents from renowned companies. Then again, adding the agents at the correct ratio is an absolute necessity. Here once more, the intervention of professionals of seasoned companies that provide cement rendering in North Brisbane makes the difference.

Cement Rendering


This is another very critical aspect of cement rendering, which if not done properly can weaken the render, reducing its longevity. A correct plasticising will help the render to be more malleable, and it also makes it more spreadable. A perfectly plasticised render would be stronger and harder, which in turn adds an extra layer of protection to the inner surface of the walls.

So you see, involving a professional and seasoned rendering company always adds some extra benefits that go a long way in protecting your dwelling.



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