Wood Look Tiles and White Tubs – a Contrast That Speaks Bathroom Elegance


People love wood look tiles these days! – And why not? They come in a wide range of patterns and dimensions. As a result of this they can be selected as per the size of the bathroom in question. They add depth, as well.

It has a multidimensional benefit – to start with. The most apparent of them is that these tiles make a bathroom look much bigger than it is. When it comes to dealing with the corners, they make them more appealing. This means whenever these corners are filled up with any subject, like a bathroom vase, or a rack, the effect almost multiplies, more so when the elements are of contrast colours.

The same can be told about bathtubs that come in white against a wall with wood look tiles.

The magic lies in contrast….

When white tubs are set up in bathrooms with wood look tiles, they create a contrast that not only pleases the eye, but they negate any tinge of uncertainty that the depth of the look of the tiles may provide.

Here is the explanation of this phenomenon. Depth does not add beauty always. It also adds a bit of uncertainty. It is true in case of the ocean. It is true when it is used as a metaphor for defining a visual illusion. That is why you will see that pictures that express depth are always suspended against light coloured walls.

The resultant effect negates or eliminates the uncertainty that depth that the picture provides. The same thing happens when wood look tiles in Perth are added to the bathrooms.

The contrast that the white tubs create shows up more against these tiles, providing the right tinge of visual balance. It creates the right kind of effect.

The elegance is magnified…

Yes, white carries a natural elegance. When bathroom accessories come up in white, that element of elegance is transferred to the entire room. This uplifts the ambience of the bathroom by manifold.

This is all the more pertinent when white bathtubs are set up against the walls with these tiles during bathroom renovations in Perth. Thanks to the depth that the wood look tiles provide, the elegance of these snow-white bathtubs are magnified immensely, almost to that extent that the tubs become the focal point of the bathrooms.

So these two points are reason enough for the wood look tiles to be so popular for the bathrooms – more so the ones that have white accessories and bathtubs.



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