Your Office Window Washing- Important Dos & Don’ts!


Its is just appalling to know how many business owners get it wrong when it comes to cleaning their windows. They often employ improper care and wrong cleaning approaches, which leads to ruining their office windows and necessitating a replacement.

So, before you take steps to get your window panels scrubbed or washed by local fellows, it is best to know how to do it properly.

Although window cleaning should be left to the professionals, here are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind if you do try to get it done with local cleaners.

  • DON’T Permit Using Newspapers With Spray Cleaners:-

Whenever using scrunched up paper towels or even newspapers, avoid spray cleaners. All it does is move the dirt around and increases the positive charge on the window, making it attract more dust and filth.

Ryan Drakes:- an office window cleaning specialist in Melbourne says:-

“It is always best to avoid using spray cleaners with newspaper or paper towels. It only makes the window surface dustier and increases the cleaning time.

The right alternative is using lukewarm water, a gentle detergent, a soft sponge or a squeegee to wipe the window surface clean.”

  • DO Ensure The Rubbers, Sills And Frames Are Wiped Properly:-

Once the window glass is appropriately cleaned; look to clean the rubbers, sills and the window frame. Left unattended, it will allow the dirt and dirt to make its way to the window surface again. The right way to go about it would be to start with the sills and then move to the glass frame.

  • DO Schedule A Window Wash When It is Cloudy:-

Always look to schedule your window washing when it is cloudy.  The reason being, the dirt and dust on the window surface will not bake as much as it would on a sunny day. Thus, they would be easy to remove and also extend the time until they get dirty again.

Jason Paine:- specialising in office cleaning and window washing services Melbourne says:-

“The soap water tends to dry off quickly in sunny days, and that could leave soapy marks on the window surface. To remove it; the surface needs to be cleaned again.

But this is an issue that doesn’t happen when cleaning windows on cloudy conditions.”

  • DON’T Scrub Off Adamant Dirt With The Help Of Razor Blades:-

When cleaning, there will be the presence of stubborn stains or marks like an insect litter or a rotted leaf. They don’t easily come off despite washing it. Many tend to use razor blades to scrape it off the surface and then rewash again.

Word of advice is, don’t. Modernistic glasses can get damaged with scratch marks, and thus hinder its clean appearance.

Final Words:-

These are those key aspects you ought to remember when looking to get your office windows clean. However; you can always skip all these headaches and make a call to quality window cleaning experts serving Melbourne.

They will come over and use industry-preferred cleaning tools and solutions to deliver top-grade cleaning.



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