Your Surefire Hacks on Mending Faulty Basin Sink Trap Explained!


The kitchen is an essential part of a house, and this is one of the reasons why everything needs to be apt, especially when it comes to plumbing. No matter how many cuisines you cook on a daily basis, well-maintained plumbing is always going to provide the much-required hygiene. Right from keeping the kitchen faucet up-to-date to a clogged-free waste line, it is the work for the plumber to ascertain that the kitchen remains in proper working condition.

Plumbing can be challenging when it comes to dealing with the sink trap. Ever faced the situation when the water is popping out through the strainer or the strainer basket? Or, is it that water is continuously dripping from the P-trap? Whatever may be the situation is, you need to attend to it as early as possible to ensure water does not go waste.

mending faulty basin sink trap

Getting help from the professional plumber to have your sink mended is always going to be useful. Therefore, the following are some of the issues related to the sink trap that draw immediate professional help:

I. Continuous Dripping Water

One of the most common problems with the sink is the issue related to the dripping of the water. You must have seen at times that whenever you use the basin, drops of water drip from the surface of the housing or the sink trap. There can be two main reasons behind the fault. The first being an error with the washer and the second being the corrosion of the pipe.

The professional experts take all measures to deal with the faults effectively. After a thorough inspection of the entire plumbing system of the basin, the plumber in Wollongong draws out a conclusion to have it replaced. They make sure that the replacement parts are durable and guarantees water sealing effectively.

II. Blockage of Water

Are you finding that the water is taking time to drain out? Or, at times, the water pops out of the strainer when you wash your hand? Well, it is the certain case of a blockage in the outlet hose or waste line or the sink trap. The basic design of the sink trap is such that it holds some water in its loop to maintain the air pressure within. However, due to the deposition of the coarse dirt or impurities, the loop is clogged making it difficult to dispense the wastewater.

A cleaning of plug accompanied with the trap makes it easy for the cleaning. What if, there is no such plug. The plumbers dealing with the plumbing in Wollongong make sure that they remove the trap, flush the deposition and fix it at the place exactly in the same way. If there is a need for replacement, the part should be replaced to get perfect and smooth drainage.


Dealing with the fault of the sink trap is challenging. With so many small attachments to inspect, the plumbers make sure that everything remains perfect. Even after the plumbing repairs are made, there should be not any clogging and dripping.

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